The revelations of the Bible including the Psalms, the Torah and the Gospel are in line and consistent with the Quran but the self-created arguments of Muslim scholars over the name of God have not only divided God but also sabotaged the broad concept of only one God for everyone. The Quran itself explains that there is only one God for all creatures including mankind and animals. Also, it is nowhere mentioned in the Quran that God of the heavens and the earths must be called by His Arabic title “Allah”, which is one of the titles of the “Almighty” that was already being used by Arabs before it was revealed in the Quran. The title was later adopted in the Arabic revelation of God “the Quran” to make Him only worthy of worship instead of worshipping many gods which Arab Pagans indulged in. Therefore, “Allah” is one of the Arabic title of the same God of the earlier Prophets (Peace be upon them) and their nations and it cannot override all other titles and attributes of God, Who looks after even those who do not worship Him. In the English word “God” the capital “G” is used to single it out and refers to the same Almighty Whose Arabic title is “Allah”. Had the Quran been revealed in English, “God” would have been used to refer to the Almighty.  Furthermore, following the early Islam conspiracy all Muslim scholars have annulled the earlier revelations of God so that no one can take any reference from the earlier revelations to rectify the fabricated translation of the Quran, which was invented by the agents of anti-Quran forces in disguise of early Muslim scholars of the Quran.

Like the conspiracy of early Islam, the conspiracy of early church had also changed the interpretations of their revealed books. Since then the subsequent clergy has been justifying the corrupt interpretation invented by their earlier scholars and earlier scholars just like misleading Muslim scholars, who do not bother analysing the actual text of their revealed books.

Dr. Kashif Khan