Assalam u Alayikum,

I have recently started learning Islam based on Quran only. I want to learn the true Quranic concepts.

I read your article about Genie. You translated jinn as drive force. Can you please tell me which dictionary you used? Because I have consulted Lane lexicon, and it says the root meaning of jinn is concealment (anything which is hidden), night, grave, hijab, and fetus also come under this root. Kindly suggest me the dictionary you consulted with, so that I can improve my knowledge.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




Dear Rimshah


I hope you’re well and I am delighted to know that you are putting your efforts to learn the true meaning of the Quran.

Unfortunately, in early Islam conspiracy the actual meaning of Quranic words have been changed to sabotage the true understanding of the verses of the Quran. During the Umayyad and Abbasid times these wrong meanings of Quranic words were heavily publicised and circulated, and to prove these false meaning right they have also invented a very first Arabic dictionary Alain (العین) which is totally misleading and full of fake meaning of those Arabic words which have been used in the Quran. However, the Alain (العین) dictionary became the master lexicon and authority over the meaning of the Quranic words in Muslim nation. Therefore, more or less all subsequent dictionaries followed Alain (العین) and copied its meanings of Quranic words.

Edward Williams Lane did not give independent meaning of Quranic words because he was quite impressed with Talj Ur Aroos and was also convinced with other old lexicons such as Tehzeeb, Lisan al Arab, Sihah and Kamoos etc. Therefore, in his famous lexicon he took 75% meaning from Talj Ur Aroos, and 25% from above stated old Arabic lexicons. This is also the historical fact that these Arabic lexicons were compiled by those Persian scholars who followed Alain (العین) and were involved in destroying the actual message of Allah. This is the reason why we find the word “Koran” with the meaning of Arabic words mentioned in independent Arabic dictionaries of Western universities of modern time. In these dictionaries the word “Koran” ,with the meaning of Arabic words, indicates that they are not the actual meaning of mentioned Arabic words but are distorted and misleading meaning of those Arabic words which have been used in the translation of the Quran by old Muslim scholars. So, by writing “Koran” with the meaning of Arabic words these dictionaries give both choices to their readers to understand the Arabic language by general meanings of Arabic words and to understand the Quran by specially distorted meaning of the same Arabic words with the reference of the Quran.

In reality there is no reason of taking the meaning of Quranic words outside the general Arabic language because Allah has clearly said in the Quran that it has been revealed in simple straightforward clear Arabic language so that people can understand Allah’s message in their own general language which they use in their daily life without making any excuse of not understanding the Quran. Therefore, the meaning of Quranic words should be taken from general Arabic language ignoring the distorted meaning given by our scholars because all dictionaries give both general and distorted meaning of Arabic words to attract more people and to keep their readers happy. Therefore, due to this drawback and discrepancy in all Arabic dictionaries we need to reach the correct meaning of Quranic words through their etymology and it is also needed to derive their correct meaning from their root words by deleting all vowels of the word the correct meaning of which we are going to search. This is because the meaning of the root words always reflect from their derivatives. This is the reason why I have mentioned the root word of JINN (جن) in the same article, which is actually derived from the root letters “ج ۔ ن ۔ ن” (jem, nun, nun). So if you look at the meaning of the root word “جنن” in any standard dictionary (not compiled by Muslims) you will find “جنن” to mean drive, craze, shoot up and wind up (the winding mechanism used in the toys in which we wind their key and they works when we leave them on the surface or the ground) etc. So, the nouns JINN (جن) and JAAN (جان) are the derivatives of the root word “جنن” in which the core meaning of their root word are reflected.

Therefore, according to their etymology and their root word “جنن” the derivatives JINN (جن) and JAAN (جان) must be correctly translated to mean the one who drives something, or the one who winds something to work or the one who shoots up something.

Invisibility or concealment is just a property of this root word “جنن“. Hence, its derivatives such as JINN (جن) or JAAN (جان) etc. are concealed, hidden  or invisible driving forces of something, which you can understand with the example of a motor engine, which is visible but the force that develops in its combustion chambers is concealed, hidden and not visible, which is the actual force that drives a motor. Likewise, when we wind up key of a key working toy, when its depressed metal spring expands it releases kinetic energy which converts into mechanical energy and makes the toy working but we can’t see this working force which drives this toy. In a battery cell electric energy is produced by chemical reaction, which is also concealed and invisible drive force. Alternators, electric generators and dynamos generate power which drives electrons in a conductor when it cuts flux (magnetic lines of forces) and this flow of electron is used as a drive force to run our fans, airconditioners, motors, electric vehicles, even electric trains and many more electric gadgets. This is also a concealed energy or an invisible drive force.

I have already mentioned “جنین” (fetus) or organism of life and grave “جنہ” with the example of “جنت البقیع“, in my article “JINN in the light of the Quran”. “جنین” (fetus) and “جنہ” (grave) are also derived from the same root word “جنن” and both words duly reflect the core meaning of their root word “جنن“. New life shoots out from the grave and fetus also grows and shoots out life. Therefore, “جنین” and “جنہ” are sources of new life and have a concealed drive force.

So, invisibility or concealment is just a property of a drive force but not its definition or meaning. Therefore, dictionaries have just given the property of JINN (جن) to mean invisible, hidden or concealment instead of giving its definition to understand its correct meaning.

This is the beauty of the Quran that it defines its words together with their properties, definition, correct meaning and their further explanations as we have seen in the verses 55:15 and 15:27 the correct meaning of JINN (جن) together with its creation, functions, property and definition.

(وَخَلَقَ الْجَانَّ مِن مَّارِجٍ مِّن نَّارٍ” (55:15″ And its drive force was created from fermentation/pasteurization of heat treatment (correct translation)

(15:27) “وَالْجَآنَّ خَلَقْنَاهُ مِن قَبْلُ مِن نَّارِ السَّمُومِ”

And the drive force of him was created by us from sterilizing heat of fermentation/pasteurization (correct translation)

I trust you will satisfactorily find the answer of your question about taking the correct meaning of Genie.