Further to the verses of the Quran 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and16:115 in which “Dead”, “Blood”, “Swine meat” and “Dedicated/Nominated to non-God” have been made unlawful (حرام) as discussed in detail in my recent articles “Quranic word haram (حرام)” and “خنزیر” Khanzir in the light of the Quran” I would like to highlight the Quranic point of view on “ذبیحہ” Islamic way of slaughtering for halal meat in response of brother Ahmad Razali’s comments, which can be seen on my last post “خنزیر” Khanzir in the light of the Quran”


As we have noted from the Quran itself and also from the earlier revelations that wherever, Quran uses Allah (اللہ) it means God, which is just the title of God in Arabic language. Having understood that Allah (اللہ) means universally accepted one and only God, we need to understand the Arabic word “اسم” which is conventionally a noun, name or a title of something but its literary meaning is “nomenclature” to mean codification, classification, taxonomy, terminology, phraseology, glossary, designated, branded, characterized, labelled, defined and styled as seen in the literature and thesaurus. Therefore, “بسم اللہ” does not mean to start with the name of God by chanting some specific words or verbally saying “بسم اللہ” (Bismillah) or doing something in the name of God but in fact doing something within or according to the framework which is appointed, defined and classified and given by God.


For example, when we eat something by saying “بسم اللہ” it does nothing but we supposed to remind ourselves that we will have to keep in view Allah’s appointed framework, Allah’s defined and classified items for eating if they are permissible (حلال) and came to us by fair means, i.e. Halal way of earning. So, starting doing things with “بسم اللہ” means the action that we are going to take should be in accordance with the constitution of God, which has been framed by Allah for this particular action which we are going to do. Thus, according to the Quran “بسم اللہ” means the framework of God, constitution of God and infrastructure made by God for us to keep in view whilst doing something in which we will have to fit our actions.


If you look at it in deeper way “dedicated or nominated to non-God” means the same in which we are actually prohibited not to follow anyone else except what God has prescribed or defined for us. This is just for sake of saying as we usually say that food becomes Haram (unlawful) if someone says the name of his/her own God on it, loudly or in heart but in reality “nominated or dedicated to non-God” means it is forbidden what others define in this context, which may vary with and go against the Divine constitution.


Therefore, just follow what God has described, which our obligation is and also our beacon. This is quite simple thing which Allah has repeatedly mentioned in the Quran but our scholars have made it very difficult to understand in their fake translations and personal views. Please read my article on “بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ” (BISMILLAH) for better understanding


The “Takbeer” (تکبیر) that they recite whilst slaughtering the animal to make them Halal is not even mentioned in the Quran but researches show that it was the slogan of the Arab pagans who used to make their bigger God ‘Allah’ more bigger by reciting the same “takbeer” (تکبیر) when they used to slaughter animals. This is because they used to believe that their gods get bigger with their so called way of blood straining from slaughtering animals “ذبیحہ” as their gods need blood to get more power and to grow bigger. But Allah the real God does not require any blood or meat, which He has Himself mentioned in the Quran that is against chanting the pagan’s Takbeer (تکبیر).


Hence, the conventional translation of the verse that you have referred 22:36 is also absolutely wrong and misleading in which the pagan concept of “takbeer” (تکبیر) and “ذبیحہ”,i.e. the pagan way of slaughtering have been brought into Islam centuries after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


In the same context I have explained the correct translation of the next verse 22:37 in my article “MAKING GOD BIGGER BY ANIMAL SACRIFICE (QURBANI) MISLEADING TRANSLATION OF QURANIC VERSE 22:37 HISTORY AND ORIGIN OF QURBANI (ANIMAL SACRIFICE)”


In reality “ذبیحۃ”, i.e. the meat that we eat in the name of “Halal” meat is a form of animal sacrifice which pre Islam pagans used to conduct to offer blood to their idols (non-God). This is the reason why our scholars have mixed up eating meat and sacrifice (Qurbani) throughout the translation of the Quran. When you tell them the animal sacrifice is not allowed (حرام) they bring eating meat into it because they are confused and don’t know the difference between two, which is due to lack of their knowledge of the Quran.




You’re absolutely right that the traditional procedure of “ذبیحۃ” slaughtering the animals in so called Islamic way is nowhere mentioned in the Quran. Also, if ‘Allah’s procedure never changed nor is dissolved’ why this so called Halal “ذبیحۃ” slaughtering is not mentioned in earlier revelations? Were the earlier Prophets (pbut) not on the righteous way? Were they not used to eat Halal meat?




So, this fake procedure “ذبیحۃ” slaughtering has been sneakily embedded in the modified Islam like so many other things, on which we need to debate in the light of the actual words of the Quran keeping aside our traditional beliefs and the fake translations of the Quran.




As far as the Quran is concerned the meat should be of the lawful animals and they are not naturally dead, and must be slaughtered with the purpose of eating because strangulation takes place in natural death which is attained by controlling and eventually stopping oxygen supply to their organs first and then to their brain and their cardiac arrest freezes their blood together with the fetal substances circulating in return vassals. Contrary to this when an animal is slaughtered by cutting its jugular vein all blood is over flown together with the fetal substances circulated in the return vassals and this meat becomes edible according to the definition of God, which is actually “بِسْمِ اللَّهِ” or calling the name of Allah whilst slaughtering the Halal animals because we kept in view the rules described by Allah ‘not to eat the dead and blood and pig’. So, this is all the Quran describes what animal to eat and how to make it edible according to the constitution of Allah. The rest is the pagan tradition what is told towards the Halal “ذبیحۃ” slaughtering procedure.


This is the same as “صلاۃ” which is always wrongly translated to mean ritual prayer but we don’t find its units and procedure in the Quran.