Salam Brother Kashif.

Hopefully, you’re in good spirits. I have a few questions to ask. I need your opinions in several issues that I can’t think clearly.

As we know from true translation of the Quran that human will go to jannah or hell right after their dead. If I am the one that have been reproduce again to live in this world (Earth) why we can’t even remember about our past life? And also I have read somewhere in the mainstream translation that people that went to jannah have said that “we have been given this before…”

Your brother,




Dear Brother Izwan.


With the blessing of Allah I am fine and I hope you and your family is well Insha Allah.


Jannah and Jahannum set up here in this world soon after our death and we don’t go into any other world until we completely and fully satisfy the set criteria for the next dimension and get through our accountability, which is not possible in a single term of life and we are definitely sent back to the same world to learn more as seen in the verse 4 of surah Al-Maarij, the correct translation is given in my article ‘The Holographic World’. According to which God gives us time to rectify ourselves on the earth before stepping up to the further life higher than the man spices.

To correctly understand Jannah and Jahannum mentioned in the Quran you need to study my article “QURANIC WORDS نَھَر  (NHAR) & اَنھَار (ANHAAR)”


However, our memories are erased to hide the past events and what had happened with us in our past life. It is purposely done for sake of a fresh start and uninterrupted performance in our new life. Just imagine if the previous memories were not erased people might become desperate to resume the same life in which they used to live before, which is on purpose barred so that no one can go back to their previously living infrastructure otherwise bad will be bad, poor will become poor, richer will become richer, male will become male and female will again become a female, and they will find their previous belongings, previous attachments, previous business and previous empires, which have been shifted or transferred to others after our death. Also, if someone was depressed in their previous life or could not fulfil their desires or committed suicide due to hard situations and because of unbearable circumstances and were reborn with their past memories then obviously they will become more tensed and more depressed again and will never live a normal life.


Let’s say if you were reborn with your past memories will you not be desperately looking for your wife, kids and the rest? How will you then settle in your new life with all of your old memories? It will definitely affect your performance and you won’t be able to do anything.

Furthermore, there are people who live like an animal in prison. In many cases a wife does not like her husband and makes his life hell, children chuck him out or in many cases wives spend their whole life in miserable atmosphere in which their husbands treat them like a dirt and they don’t give them any respect. In these situations memories of their past life will not let them live happily in their next life and they will not be able to enjoy their life nor will be able to do anything because of their mental conditions. It is also not necessary that a female will be born again as a female to suffer in silence once again. It is possible that their characters will be changed in their next life in which previous husband may become wife and previous wife may be a husband to play the next innings of their life. Therefore, erasing the past memories are important and mere necessary for justice, recompense and settlement in the new life and to do positive work including good deeds and rectifications.

However, transferable skills travel with us from one life to another, which is usually called God gifted talent. If this talent is supposed to be a gift from God why is it not given to everyone, especially when everyone is equal in the eyes of God and God is not unjust to give His gifts to one and not to others? So, the Quran also confirms that the only thing will go ahead is our good or bad practice and work of previous life as they are transferred or loaded on our backs when we are reborn. This is the reason why we feel at home and easy in certain skills and become expert in some particular fields more quickly and without putting much efforts comparing to others. This is actually due to our previous hard work, which Allah does not waste. So, the talent is our own hard work, skill and expertise of our previous life, which is as it is transferred into our next life. However, there is an exception in everything due to which some people suddenly remember their past life for certain reasons. The real interviews of people and experts on BBC Television shows that an English woman wakes up with Chines accent and other wakes up with French accents and so many people wake up with different languages and past memories. I have referred to BBC TV news in my articles on the same topic in which a British woman went to bed with a migraine and woke up with a French accent, another wakes up with Chines accent which can be seen on BBC news at the following links of BBC iplay and UK daily ‘Mirror’ news:


CNN reported a man who before his coma, spoke English; after waking up he was fluent in Spanish. Medical science recognizes it as “Foreign Accent Syndrome”.  If you do a little bit research you can find so many similar things related to coming back in the past memories after an ailment, after a shock or after an accident, which means that memories are still there but on purpose they are made hidden in the deep layers of our brain where our all record is kept but in special circumstances it comes out, like our special skills and talent hidden in our individual personality.